Septagram: 1

June 2011

Game one from a seven-part series developed in my final year at UCLA. Based entirely on the number 7, each game was built off an arbitrary (and honestly convoluted) chart that featured interwoven sets of the number seven throughout the world. The original installation featured a wiimote controller and was connected to an interactive piece about synesthesia (that was then used to generate seven unique levels). I've managed to get a few working in the browser if you're interested in trying it out (though I will say these games were more "fun" to make than they are to play. They are VERY challenging).

Game One: Atomic Ocean

This game is about escaping wrathful squares, being generous to underwater triangles, and reducing your particle count. In order to win you must use your particles to destroy each enemy square; however, in order to do this you must first let an underwater triangle evolve your particle into something deadly. So essentially the game is: use keyboard controls to evade capture. Fire particles off to be caught by underwater triangles (your circle cannot go underwater). Use the mouse to control the water flow so that finally a triangle can shoot an evolved particle into a square, killing it. Each level introduces a new particle, triangle, and square for your gaming (dis)pleasure. Good luck!

Also, if you're interested at all in the theory behind these overly crazy games here's a video from a presentation I gave at the first UCLA Game Carnival event: